Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ideas, again!?

Once in a while, I have some funny ideas popped up and stuck at the back of my freezer. Before they become dry aged like my favorite steak, let's have some dumbling with Chinese style leek sauce on porriage, table for three?

Weight training mouse

I prefer wireless mouse for its heavier then my gaming mouse (I took out the weight inside) and it is good to be heavy sometimes. It give a more steady motion for graphing, like drawing a beautiful arc line. Since I am a not busy at all yet multi tasking for lazy purposes person, let's combine hacking and weight training. A mouse that weight 10 lb should be great, imagine a geek with strong triceps and biceps, wow.

Tan Display

Its easy to spot a computer person, especially coder, in California, they are in pale white. It's irony to having our heart of IT reside this shine sunny state because IT is blind outdoor, the display. Well the machine part is out of my scope, but I can help the human part. Instead of minimizing the radiation from the display, how about adding more to it. Add some tanning light around the monitor and give you a skin tone like a sun of the beach people. Bikini not included.

SPF Lithography

Hacking with the Tan Display might be harmful to the tender skin, therefore a lotion with SPF to protect from over exposure. For funny hardware engineers, try apply those SPF lotion on skin like a circuit and expose yourself under the sun. I thought this is called sun tattoo or is it lithography?

By the way, the TV like high frequency sound with channel changing effect I heard since April is only a wiki/commercial description :-P, real thing in my ear surely is not that for it is not a studied knowledge, instead its with me naturally. I will only confirm with M.D. when I can afford prescribtion. Anyways thanks for the chopper breeze, thus its the sound that disturb the kid period.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

My mojo

Thank god I can finally come up the name of the project, I am so dumb in stuck the whole thing just cause of its naming. However I found out I might go in to another huge trouble when I can afford to have kids, I might not be able to name it. Anyways I suck at naming.

On hand I have the start up that I am trying to accomplish. Trying to roll up the snow ball during hot summer in this desert, I must be insane. Now the hard literature object part is finally set, the rest calculation part should be smooth. Wish me luck.

Off topic: Fireworks. In the old times, soldier carry fireworks for signaling purposes. When battle ends, soldiers will just fire them up to weight less on their trip back. Celebrating soldiers back from battle.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A tag

I guess that VAG would be a nice company for workers. For they would not treat their workers bad. Why? Cause if they want to scare their workers, all they have to do is to give them a car of they produce. In another way, that is what most people hoped for (including myself) for it has been a lot of man's dream. So please, keep our dreams good dreams please, for a healthy country.

Off topic: As I am current residing with my gf, and her computer finally died. I won't be able to write until, the good new computer arrived. Shows suspended, I guess.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


When I was baking bread with my gf, made me think of measurement. We use pound on food, made me wonder where pound came from.

I think that pound, foot etc. is more of a human friendly measure unit. 1 pound of flour make a loaf of bread, a quarter of it is about 4 slices, enough for lunch. 1 foot is about the length of feet.

In the ancient time, the concept of zero is not available. People would just say nothing, which slowed the pace of mathematic improvement.I think the depress of my father have spread on me, don't feel like writing, this boring post.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I wonder why much heated up online debate are about bi sided effects. Could it be because that surfers like the sun more then the darkness of partying in the club. It's a clubbing tradition for enthusiasts to have a after hour party to exhausts all undrained energy on dancing, running, even circle strafing.

In the reality, we were given choices most of the time with only 2 boxes, For and Against. The problem with only 2 choices is that it give a number of invalid or inaccurate answers.

For example, a ballot with only Yes or No is available, actually contains 4 variables. They are Yes, No, None of the above, All of the above. The limitation with only 2 choices would make None of the above and All of the above unable to be distinguished. The available choices, Yes means for, No means against. Here comes the problem, None of the above could mean whom choices couldn't be made, neutral or even no idea of what the hack these lines of symbol is about, and All of the above simply means invalid, both aren't the same. With the extra None of the above choice given, the logical error in All of the above will appear. Which is Yes+No+None of the above=All of the above for Yes or No is already a choice, it automatically took out None of the above for they contradicts, which made All of the above a logically error choice.

2 choice 3 answers 4 variables. Good thing for lazy ass like myself have list long vote and the impossibility to comprehend each I/O error.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Red Cross

Once on Dilbert blog, I posted a comment asking "Who'd be that stupid to put a big red cross hair on their forehead?" The answer I meant is Red Cross.

I have no opinion about the war that our troops are currently fighting and I am too naive to talk about world peace. However I do care about the soldiers in it. There are many different ways to support our troops, I prefer American Red Cross.Redlogo

I don't mean anything, just speak up as a voluntary supporter. Donate blood or get involved with the i’m™ initiative on msn.

I think therefore

Monday, June 18, 2007

Girl Love Nakedthin

My jaw on ground on my leisure trip when I arrived skate park today. The show off on the spectator rail went poof, packed in protection totally. Good thing is, the ice cube is by the pole.

My point of view was a nice holding with handle which can designated for all ages to show off the skillful in and out coolness of the one piece sheltered. Simple like a car hood and a stick, if times ten and ten is there to catch eye, anywayz me better shut up.

Start making me wonder if my analiser was that difficult to understand or is it really that misguiding. Sigh anyways, back to my face to face game.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

710 Upside down

There is a thing I don't understand, auto manufacturer make hybrid to reduce fuel consumtion, but how come its a gasoline+electric combination and not disel+electric? Disel has a better energy conversion rate then gasoline. Compare to the toxicated land, the smog have minor impact to the enviroment.

What's important is to keep the current system of portable energy delivering, charging EV is then opt out. My favor to disel, including bio ones, as a transitional from gasoline to the acutal unknown future energy form for the impact that cost different aspect in US.Keep the gas station system and change the energy form. It's pretty sure most auto manufacturer have their own disel engine, pretty much same gas tank, with already intact pump in gas station. Give a stedy road map in energy transition to both the seller and consumer.

Remodeling gas station is a night mare. Even thou it benefit the contractor labor market, the nature of construction provide a surge which benefit our good friend. Also the reduction in gas station will pump up the supply in land and drop value with high cost. Closed gas station are mostly abandoned, even in area which land supply are tight. Addition cost to detoxicate the polluted gas station for the underground gas tank is what prevent developer build to profit, unless it is a busy spot for business, but then the gas station shouldn't be closed if that's the situation. Hince the detox is always a trouble maker giving different types of issue where new developer face trouble and old developer avoid.

My whole view is based on where US stand and live.

This Land!

Monday, June 11, 2007


I am just a regular guy looking for a sales job to support myself. Because of an accidental change in my life path, I was, and still am, undergoing a harsh time that prevent myself from being able to be on myself. With extras never actually experince before March.

Both sides of me, the personal side and professional side, have different relationship overlapping due to the six degree nature. However it is the importance of knowing where the line is drawn that made an adult. My choice to be comparatively open minded for acceptance in diversity with patient is a vote in United States of America with three box, for, against and none. Since the whole world are connected within a friend's friend's friend's friend's friend's friend, there are any possible age/sex/race/role/duty/nationality there already.

As a citizen, I consider any human being by their own regardless of age/sex/race, judge their work by ability, know them by their character and trust them as a friend, based on a neutral vision.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


How about announcing a secret that needs to be hided so that it can be crafted out to be hidden.

Its a know fact that sales could be fine art that scienctific measurement is unable to determin the effectiveness of it. Simply because third party interpertations between two parties, seller and buyer, involves technic that is considered inproper by common knowledge.

Unlike engineering which have a requirement of completing ABET as an indication of the eligeblility for training in according field to entitle for a Pro-E test, like most other licenced professional, with organization clearified rule. Leaving the last burden of sales field is set by legal means and a water walking culture creating valunabiltiy for administrative control and safty.

College education might not always be in the best interest of sales for individual difference between exceptions of mind varies its ability and limitations. e.g. failure in newb ESL classes, no spell/grammer check being used in this passage, bad luck? no idea.

Requirement for a poor to be able to have a secret stash hiding for the purpose of validating a accusation is to supply the secret stash.

Think out of the box could be danger when thinking is way off shore while playing with box, showing no grib and announcing no clutch. Perfect means perfectly imperfect, a designated safty pin.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Due Diligence

Online world is tricky, I am lucky enough not to fell for things like this in old times, but not this time, ouch.

According to dictionary.com:

Main Entry: due diligence
Function: noun
  1. such diligence as a reasonable person under the same circumstances would use : use of reasonable but not necessarily exhaustive efforts called also reasonable diligence
    NOTE: Due diligence is used most often in connection with the performance of a professional or fiduciary duty, or with regard to proceeding with a court action. Due care is used more often in connection with general tort actions.
  2. a : the care that a prudent person might be expected to exercise in the examination and evaluation of risks affecting a business transaction
    b : the process of investigation carried on usually by a disinterested third party (as an accounting or law firm) on behalf of a party contemplating a business transaction (as a corporate acquisition or merger, loan of finances, or esp. purchase of securities) for the purpose of providing information with which to evaluate the advantages and risks involved <the greatest exposure…for failure to conduct adequate due diligence arises in the context of public offerings of securities —G. M. Lawrence>
    c : the defense (as to a lawsuit) that due diligence was conducted
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law, © 1996 Merriam-Webster, Inc.

Due Diligence - DD

  1. An investigation or audit of a potential investment. Due diligence serves to confirm all material facts in regards to a sale.
  2. Generally, due diligence refers to the care a reasonable person should take before entering in an agreement or transaction with another party.
Investopedia Commentary
  1. Offers to purchase an asset are usually depend on the results of due diligence analysis. This includes reviewing all financial records plus anything else deemed material to the sale. Sellers could also perform a due diligence analysis on the buyer. Items that may be considered are the buyer's ability to purchase, as well as other items that would affect the purchased entity or the seller after the sale has been completed.
  2. Due diligence is essentially a way of preventing unnecessary harm to either party involved in a transaction.

Since I am just a regular person looking for a sales job, none of the above law nor finance definitions are applicable to my intended description, but the general one above in green color. I apologies for my poor level of English, online American English. My defense as a non native English speaking, I know only "due" and "diligence" as below.

According to Random House Webster's college dictionary --2nd. ed. (ISBN 0-679-45570-1):

due adj
  1. owing or owed
  2. owing or observed as a moral or natural right
  3. rightful; proper; fitting
  4. be present, or arrive; scheduled

diligence n

  1. constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken
  2. the degree of care and caution expected of a person

According to Oxford Advanced learner's English-Chinese Dictionary (Fourth Edition), ISBN 0 19 586872 2:

due /dju:; US du:; du/ adj

  1. [pred] ~ (to sb) owed as a debt or an obligation
  2. [pred] requiring immediate payment
  3. [pred] ~ (to do sth) scheduled; arranged; expected
  4. [attrib] suitable; right; proper; after due consideration. With all due respect.

diligence n [U]

  1. ~ (in sth/in doing sth) steady effort; careful hard work;

To my English grammar knowledge (fail ESL classes have nothing to do with English), the fourth [attrib] definition from adjective in front of noun is the only valid way I know of able to put together the word "due diligence" since both dictionary I own does not contain the compound "due diligence"

Fear counter honest, covered by happiness, creating doubt, given peace. Is my view of facing my homeland, USA, to action against change :)

P.S. Damn it, which one should I now go for, paper or electronic? Whichever suitable, never absolute. LOL o==(^0^g) (The whole thing was an honest mistake by the time I resign and I lie with a written excuse trying to solve the dilemma, but scary follow up actions due to the nature of absolute honest is the horn of the dilemma without solutions)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


To generations who answer super market when they were ask where chicken is from, I got some advice.

Keep dwelling over "Chicken first or egg first"

Who answer super market when they were ask where condense milk is from, try this.

Keep dwelling over "Black or White"

Myself, I beat the sperm out of my bird or torture them to fly away. I won't dwell on things, I enjoy Oyako Don and Milka chocolate.

Monday, June 4, 2007

My selfishness

I am a horribly selfish person with generous action that contradicts. It might be hard to understand, but this is the way I interpret things.

Let's say I am in a team of a total of five member, I am a weapon of other members as others four are weapons of mine. In this rather tough world, I have a better chance of survival with most weapons I can have. For this I keep weapons safe and secure.

My act of generosity or care towards people on my side is better describe as weapon maintenance or upgrade, I only do things that I can also benefit from, could be in a different aspect, but still no free lunch, same reason to the above paragraph. Its lonely to me without others to share my feeling, simply selfish as that.

As a lazy person, I prefer full weapon potential, when I am not good, I can be protected by the better, also giving myself a goal set for self improvement.
To me money is just a printed document, but all my desires cost money, a lot of money, that gives me the eagerness to earn money. Not that I'm interest in money itself, but the fulfillment of my desires that it brought.

For that, money is almost the only weighting factor when I work. Again real life teach me another thing. I gesture them with what I read, no one ever noticed (but do notice my prank jibberish typing and able to repeat it but nothing in my browsing history? fine......) Diginity and Arrogance are different by how well being known.

Believing only in alternate ways of observation, while ignoring the option to just simply ask, and invalidating the answer written or spoken, how much confidence are there over other less dependable form, i.e. online, email?

Question itself is the answer already, the only hard part is acceptance, proved anywhere throughout human history.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Heart Attack

When I first send out my resume by fax, I was living with my girl friend in her house. The second resume is fax from my own home. During that time, it was my long time old friend also from tao yuen who have my home key sometimes at my home and my sister's boy friend stay at my home. I went back home to stay with mom when my father have a out of state trip.

My girl friend watch a lot of TV, I would love you to watch the first 4 episode of soap opera from TVB "同事三分親", which is a office issue comedy, the story is hilarious similar to most business offices anywhere in the world. The worst thing is that I've already went back staying in my own home when she was watching it, that's why I am serious in need to watch more TV, anyways even afterward I do forget the story, whom my mind have hard time registering.

Because there are trust with my girl friend, we didn't separate account in computer. So there are huge discrepancy with my girl friends computer that I have my data in a desktop folder, thus sensitive data from her work which I don't have any tendency to disclose. That's why I couldn't possibility be a hacker to financial data and I love the computer I choose for her. The fault I had is with the recycle paper from previous job of myself and my girl friend, we both once worked together, that I have marketing research and annual report available to public from college printed on accidentally.

I contact my manager from my last last job (networking consultant in a property management company managing about 500 apartment units with complementary high speed internet access) is to return keys, master keys of all network equipment/server rooms, to ensure security because I don't feel safe after I get my last job and hopefully sell him the once excited product(computer systems) I got fresh from last job if I am lucky. But I am reliable even employment is terminated with keys on my hand(for locks are re-mastered every year). There are trust in my work, personal issues held aside, only attendance is horrible.

I don't know if my contribution will benefit, adding additional enhancement in the neighborhood with environmental peacefulness that all actions have added to city with a county park and a horse racing track in. Not to mention the wonderful school of the corner with a skate park. We vote for city decisions, and celebrate. I would like to introduce them to you guys, is it good? I love them so much.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gas water

In an old post of mine, I've mention about ideas about soda without explanation. I'd better have it write down before my brain finally malfunction, which is also a function of it.

Coca Cola, known to be the geek, nerd version of grende size non fat iced milk-less latte with extra foam and brown sugar. I enjoy drinking it and never get bored, especially those fresh mix ones from fountain.

When I was a kid, a school field trip to Coca Cola factory is an amazing experience. The most impressive part is that there is a historic gallery, a theater and manufacturing floor observing bridge with designated guide introducing Coca Cola to us. This made it my primarily preference on both choice and the brand, the greater complexity over taste is also important.

My drinking habit is funny that I shake it and open it slightly to drain much co2 out and add water for canned ones. With basic knowledge about the code on the pulling ring, I pick on them whenever I can as long as they are original formula. I don't know if it is myself getting old, I prefer it less sweet by the taste with smoother and crispier sizzling, bit too sparkle for me with those I got. I wonder if I can get those different ones out of the scope on the pull ring for the market I am in. Anyways yoyos and school field trips are part of my life.

Yoyo Master

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tired with boredom

May be I am just avoid to start getting old and boring. If I must be entertained by joking then please do it, don't keep it. I am a really conservative being I enjoying the excitement everywhere like the beauty of natural in farmland with straw man comply with my empty mind, I suppose. As a business type person, bursting the stress balloon is always a no no to me.

Another point, every single hints are special feeling at leading to a spectacular experience times the strength of indication. After calculation, chances of partying like kiddo in this real world is a self destroying path, let alone the possibility of hurting others, are less beneficial then working 6 months as a waiter for the incomparable portion valuable time that is wasted.

I didn't fall for the first rave try, second personal relationship try and third career breaking try, why would I fall any future scale up try with obvious enhancement, and I am still an underdog. Its a sorrow art for self victimization, best try I had is 20 years old of all three, family, relationship, career, lines crashed all together and crash again each on its own till 24, a surviving miracle.
Trying my luck while risking my I-9 form leave no valid reason for my follow up ranting after my devotion.

I have to admit that everything seems real enough to get me amused, if I have took more time to actually comprehend to the psychological path that I've been through and what my delusion(researching for hard"core challenge") during that period, then I can realized why my things look like a circuit in an insulting way. Thus wasted the urgent alternative channel deal without a suitable contact handle and the possible regular volume recurring deal that have overestimated its profitability are valuable lesson I learned. All I wanted is to do business and make money, I just avoid unnecessary things sideways and leave those who don't. Needless to say the season canyon tanking for sales measured by performance.

With a 200+ meter distance, bullets arrived before the sound of firing, adding the angle of how bullets penetrate, no one could avoid a snipe , but investigation afterward are inevitable. Since prevention is useless, why would anyone be afraid of it?

By the way, chances of myself being strike by a thunder storm have higher possibilities then those irrational things, but still I hold on to a metal umbrella outdoor during storm. Actuary? I am just a regular human with a normal forward going mind, without shame to cry a river for nursery.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Garage nubba

With the limited space I have in my garage, I have to park rear in first. This configuration have enabled some weird habit of mine.

Whenever I went home in the late night, I will stay in the car after the garage door closed to enjoy and take advantages of the total darkness and silence. It created such a perfect environment for my mind to glide through ideas and thoughts I have but without time to think in other times.

My defect sound in my ear provides a steady rhythm already, my mind can go in and out the thinking state as I liked, normally I can only get into that state for things I am interested in even with eyes open. The lack of visual and audio is needed for matters that my laziness kept me from thinking. My new discovery is that I need some audio stimulation now like tapping a few on the steering wheel in order to let the sound in my ear to override others for me to enter that state.

When I was small, I consider my ear defect annoying since I always ended up in that thinking state instead of falling asleep. But sleep is something that I hated since it have given me so much disadvantage.

Waking up is another thing that I have trouble. I could have a clamp on both leg and I couldn't wake myself up to unclamp it, sometimes I can wake after a few tries, but most of the time I have to wait in my dream hoping I can be awake soon. Worst I have been is that the long clamp made me almost unable to walk the next day.

26 years of failing to fix it so made me consider napping and rest with eyes closed that best way I can have for resting. Its funny that sometimes caffine gives me better sleep sigh.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My handicapped Free Will(less)

I found out that without TV, the level of incompetent that I became is of no way will ever be able to qualify. From now on, I should force more TV jam into my mind. Indeed my memory filter suppose to be able to catch those signal, however the obesity of the policy set in my brain class those packet to mangle quite often.

With my handicapped brain, the circuitry that route those signal in have a serious problem of phrase shifting to the nearby drain. I am thinking of ways to improve the reception of TV program packet, but I sucks and this is way too hard for me. Hopefully it could be fixed soon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Whatever you want it to be

Here I confess, I am a political fugitive, my real name is Richard Poser Campel. Another identity of myself is a double double spy work on both side for The Intuitive Milkyway Plantation Organization Longitude Intravertical Trivial Enlargemental LTD.
Office is located at space barrier of X 446834834.4851,Y 864337418196.1863,Z 7314489413.3988 annex to X 54186433.4167,Y 671663917.1814,Z 8164891968.5351

I am writing with the very last bit of my life energy while endangering the entire planet's air supply. And under the violation of Chapter 45962376076, Part 689530748620, Title 0769257.59627, Revition 626.909.323.213.818.562.714.310.951.760 of Fondianavian Shangan Galatical Meshimaro Humpidumti Ligopool Treaty cited and hinted "Silence is golden. The following preview is not rated. Popcorn, soda, hotdog and ice cream are on sale. Please stand behind the yellow line. Rock the goat. GL & HF." and not cited and hinted in parallel. I judge my own choice, la vita è bella is my philosophy.

Let S = Science is only illusion of a matter's reading of another matter. P = Perception is another matter's reading of other another matter. While S^n + P^n = c^n and |n < 2| Basically its an solved unsolved mystery, my solution as of 15th May, 2007 14:50 pst sitting on my bed in my room at my own computer with my keyboard alongside my illusion is: c = (constant of light/chaos theory/cum), thus without significant figure.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Fruit abuse

Welcome to 1st millennium sarcastic fruit abuse contest! Let's run down our contestant weehaa!

#1 Morning Kiss Crisis

Couple 1/2: Honey muffin, you be my breakfast.
Couple 2/2: Sweet dear you're......wait......omg......(Heart Monitor:beeeeeeeeeeep......)
Couple 1/2: (crying) I shouldn't have garlic and sardine last night.......

Doesn't get it? Mint or gum still factor your coolness. Those who does, watermelon is your friend. By reducing the risk of losing the already mere interest due to running back and forth from the loving comforter to the chilling faucet. Save your brush and mouth wash afterward, their freshness works good in office. Few cubic inches of diced watermelon is good enough and sweet also, try it together, glass of water to prevent sticky. A multi purpose breeze that rejuvenate.

#2 Chillie Gas Chamber

Couple 2/2: Honey, have you eat the leftover Cauliflower and chillie, its not in the fridge.
Couple 1/2: .......(Heart Monitor:beeeeeeeeeeeeep......)

Save the skin of the watermelon, scrape it down until no red melon meat is left. Just leave it on top of the veggie box, the haunting sardine will disappear. Don't warp, it will adjust the humid as humidifier and air dryer.

#3 Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Banana Phone

Banana skin is good for shoes, only when it is applied on top as a shoe shine. However the most effective mistaken common use is to applied on the bottom side.

#4 iDentist

Half day of work is long enough creating a new physical layer of plague to etch your teeth, lithography is not recommended for its more like waffle then walfer. Every byte of apple could well defluxing your FCPGA(Food Chewing Plus Grinding Array)

#5 Fruit fall

Because of Newton and the apple that land on his head, big influence in science. In Asia, scientists that could have discover gravity like Newton discover religion instead when fruit lands on them. Reason: Dorian, coconut also applies.

Friday, May 4, 2007

My Blog

Only 1 jot through my 2-26 to 3-26 jog.  As my life is back to normal like a hobo. Peace out.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Engineering was once my planned goal, but reality have teach me another story and made engineering to become my hobby. Sales is my profession, with the help of my hobby, brillant ideas that are practicle and most important, able to make money, are being produced.

With my past experince in different industries, huge amount of ideas can easily be generated automatically when I see anything due to the short circuit nature of my mind, basically they all cross connect incorrectly. I pick up useful ideas from the idea pool in my mind by measuring the value in accordence to my profession.

Take the design I was trying to enter IDF with for example, The seed was the firewall I worked with adding the once upcomming trend of gaming PC few years ago, about the beginning of the northwood era. I combined most solution I though of about the problems that was famous in that period to give me the first version of design in my mind. But my sense as a sales told me gamers market is not what I wanted, more design were forked out to comply with what I think could make better money. My hobby act as an important agent over what can be achieved and how, at lease I won't think of somthing impossible or too expensive to make.

Due-dilligent, my research from different data/financial reports of different institude, idc/snapfish/10K etc, is how and where my wild "guess" of trend and sales direction should be along cross referencing with different industries. With the amount of intelligence needed for such and the ability to generate thought afterwards, it is not really a concern to disclose them since they are somewhat open data. By adjust or alter some elements of the design give me great solutions.

My profession hunt for market and opportunity to sell before I quest for product, my hobby kick-in only if I couldn't get the right one. Profession cost $$ and hobby don't.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


RIP is simply a illusion of fairness I hoped for. In order to utilize my left over value for I have wasted too much useful resources on earth.

My life should be made miserable and people around whom I care should suffer until the end. Enjoy pain and sad took long time to practice, before I could get used to it, more horrible things come towards me the better.

I hope all psychological and physical pressure would at lease double and prolonged until my world become a total disaster, ultimate iron fist with no mercy.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Application Error
Event Category: (100)
Event ID: 1000
Date: 4/31/2007
Time: 12:34:56
User: N/A
Computer: Brain
Faulting application mind.exe, version 1.0 , faulting module Dpass, version, fault address 0x94340634.

For more information, see Help and Support Center"

Somehow my hypersensitive popped up itself and caused some inappropriate e-mails in a very bad times. My mind is back to normal after day later. Due to the high call volume, apologise for any inconvenient, please stay on the line and the next available representative will assist you shortly.

By the way, too much caffeine will activate my hyperthread partially. Overheat and Power save disorder followed as a side effect (OCR trigger P3 state, web and email are fine, weird. Broadcast not in scope) However unattended installation still glitch, through the time when crazy amount of debug, alt tab took lots of time.

chkdsk has finished checking, thank you guys. Freebies for everyone, my signature series fart. *poof*


I think its time for a open progress report for my own review and safe guard.
Been with my girl friend for 10 years, its normal for us to share a 64mb USB flash drive from recruit ad. for free, the containing financial reports and company data of all sort from Pacific West Corp. (PWC) an imaginary company established in her strategic management college class, I helped in it by giving opinion and comments to her. Since they are just classwork, I careless if it is cleared from the USB drive or not and its helpful for thinking. I kept writings from online that I couldn't finish reading at home and put it in the drive for remote read.

The computer I assemble for her, have some lanes burnt on AGP slot caused by the can of soda spilled on it. Quality is the key for not having the whole computer burnt. I have confident over the product still. The power supply accidently dies out after fulfilling its duty to the end. I revived it with a 1U psu I have few days later, I am lazy.

Remember to take hard drives out when taking a computer to fix, its a safty procedure to protect both parties.

To reach my potential clients, I print out product spec and flyers to bring with me while I can go visit them after office hour since a proposel is not up yet. Because name cards is an important tool for sales, visiting client without cards will give poor image. Blank cards uses for new hire would work when comply with cards from superior.I can't come up with a proposel before the initial contact is done, at lease I have to confirm they are open to contact, its hard when most office hour are close.

I have only mere believe on things over the internet other then disclaimer and/or fine print. For myself only real life matters and time is the only way to tell things.My project and design have been mentioned to potentials in project and multiple trust source therefore I don't concern very much.

I enjoy peaceful and happiness. I tend to avoid conflicts, not that I am bad but my fever causes memory loss.Facts: All I have ever did was to express opinion "privately"(own room in house of own lot) for my own stress release, but somone playing basketball broken my car window, bad luck. I fixed it myself after a quest.

I do doubt myself all the time, just no room to express for it does not help in any way.

Action judges valuation and valuation give its worth but worth unable develop so development escape from action. All my effort in rebuild are in vain. Wish that I can RIP.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Managers in business world are pimp/hole, con, lier, clown and lazy ass. Sum of worst know to human, but work at its best.

P.S. SM for harsh time, sub must tied up tight and strict follow master. May be again, my damn brain illusion too much prono.

Pimp/hole - coordinate multiples
Con - tactful trick
Lier - interpret appropriate
Clown - motivate other
Lazy ass - effective manage efficiency
SM - Strategic Management
Sub - subordinate